Preity-Ness Aftershocks


No sooner did Preity Zinta confirm that she had broken up with the tycoon Ness Wadia, the media has taken it upon itself to find out why they broke up and if there is anyone else in their lives.


And this is the story told…Ness wanted Zinta to quit acting and Zinta instead of calling it quits with movies, dumped him!

Ness, of course, being the eligible bachelor et al was recently seen with the delectable Ayesha Thapar, who has apparently separated from her Turkish hubby.


Zinta is maintaining a low profile and off to US to lick her wounds.

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One Response to “Preity-Ness Aftershocks”

  1. Trainnn Says:

    Preity has had a colorful like – Many men in her life even while she went around with Ness Wadia. Why should she have any wounds.. Does she expect to have a bf and under his nose kiss and hug other men? C’,mon no culture accepts such relationships./..

    And she did not wnat to quite films so they split. What’s the big deal?

    If Wadia is happy with Ayesha so be it. Lets leave him alone. He’s had a tough time keeping his prestige with an infidel woman for so many years.

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