Political Love



Isha Sharvani, the actress who grew up dancing and still continues to do so, was linked with cricketer Zaheer Khan and their romance seemed to die a natural death.


Her performance in Luck By Chance as Dimple Kapadia‘s daugher who seduces Farhan Akhtar was well received. But that’s not what people are talking about.


Actresses dating cricketers is old news. But actresses  going out with one of the most charismatic and eligible Congressman who goes by the name  Rahul Gandhi!!?? That’s taking it up a notch.


Rahul was earlier going out with a Veronique, a Spanish woman, who disappeared from the scene as his political career started shaping up.

Isha & Rahul, seem to be turning up separately for the same parties and enjoying each other’s company.  So until they turn up together we’ll have to be satisfied with Isha taking the ‘no comments’ stance.

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2 Responses to “Political Love”

  1. deodatta baral Says:

    hi sharuk khan u play good movie and play other like fighting movie

  2. deodatta baral Says:

    hi sharukkhan i am your best movie sawing

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