Salman’s Girls


Sallu and arm candy are no strangers. He likes to keep up his image of the Sexiest Man…running in his forties he still has the it factor going strong.

While Somy Ali, after a brief stint in Bollywood & as his girl, seems to have vanished into thin air, Sangeeta Bijlani married Azharuddin.

Aishwarya Rai dumped him. He refused to be dumped and indulged in some fist banging that had her parents hopping mad. Next in the hopping mad list was her new beau Vivek Oberoi, who hopped all the way to a press conference about alleged threats. He got the egg in his face for being such a tell tale. Be a sport, man!

He nursed his broken heart by starring with Sneha Ullal, a Aishwarya Rai look alike. But there’s nothing like the Real McCoy.

The hangover cure – the British Kashmiri Katrina Kaif made her entry. Her shelf life by regular standards seems to have expired but…..wait!!!! ……she’s still there sitting pretty!!! Kaif pouted as he roughed up SRK at her birthday party. Speculations are reaching a crescendo as he was spotted with Zarine, a Katrina Kaif look alike.

Is it just me or is it plain weird, this whole rebound look alike thingy???

Will Katrina make an honest man of Sallu yet??? Stay tuned.


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