Mr & Mrs Khan


When Aamir Khan married his sweetheart Reena Dutta in his prime, his fans were dismayed but yeah, it made for a cute love story: the woo-ing, coo-ing & eloping. And all was all right. Khan’s female fans sighed but stayed.

Fifteen years later saw him bid adieu to Reena and say hola to Kiran Rao and one felt so betrayed. We love the idea of love forever, don’t we? Suckers that we are. So the fans sighed again and gave the new Mrs.Khan the once over.

Lose those outdated glasses, the painfully stretched out, prozac induced smile and she’s kinda kitten-ish cute. Must have substance to sustain a relationship with the intense Khan, to be sure. An assitant director on the sets of the award winning Lagaan too.

Their story’s going strong. Three years down and counting!


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